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European Cuisines: Italy


This month, we are continuing our series of European Cuisine by highlighting classic Italian recipes. In case you missed it, last month, we focused on the country of France, you can find that article here. We think it’s really fun to learn the history of common dishes and how the culture and environment influence culinary […]

European Cuisines: France


There are so many fun things to learn about culinary cultures around the world. Dishes are deeply rooted in historical significance, geographical location, weather, traditions, etc. Learning to appreciate the story behind the foods of the world makes it that much more enjoyable to learn to create them yourself. While you’re learning the historical significance […]

4 Culinary Methods to Master If You Want To Be A Professional Chef


If you want to master a skill, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself. Keep it simple and just start doing. If you think you want to become a chef, you have three meals a day where you have opportunities to hone your skills. You will put yourself ahead of curve if you start practicing and […]

Socially Responsible Chefs Nourish Communities


Americans are eating out more often than ever before. It is becoming increasingly important to our society, culture, and communities that restaurants offer delicious, sustainable, and healthy options. The challenge to individual chefs is to create tasty options that consumers want to eat, while also providing quality nourishment to the human body. According to the […]

The Modern Role of Chefs in America


Past Chefs vs Current Chefs Present chefs are the modern day Betty Crocker, bringing families together for mealtime and giving friends a reason to gather. What used to be prepared at home, is now very often prepared by someone else. According to Zagat, Americans eat out an average of 4.9 times per week. When Statista […]

Food Trucks: The Ultimate Flexibility for a Skilled Chef

The opportunities for food trucks are infinite. A quality chef, a creative menu, and a fun marketing strategy are keys to a successful food truck business. The first requirement for a great food truck is becoming a properly trained chef. At Northwest Culinary Institute, for example, our 9-month training program is focused on technique, flavor […]